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I love everything hair. I love trying new things and thinking outside the box. I think the science and the art of hair make up this amazing spectrum with endless possibilities. I enjoy utilizing every tool of my trade to either create something new or embrace what's already there. I can't say what my favorite thing to do is but I definitely enjoy working with texture. I love perms! I love reshaping the hair to do what you work to create every morning. Whether you rock your hair straight or curly, messy or sleek, whatever it is, I think it's such a fulfilling feeling to accentuate it with the perfect cut and color. Over all, just being able to create something and live out a passion while making people feel confident and wonderful is just something I love. I love what I do. 




I have loved hair and anything related to beauty ever since I can remember. Even at a young age, I have always felt inspired 
to create and experiment with various looks and styles. I love having the freedom to not only express myself, but to help
others do the same. I enjoy using my skills in different ways, but I have to say that I am always up for anything involving 
color! Making others happy and putting a smile on their faces truly motivates me to do my best. I feel it is one of the most 
rewarding aspects to working in this field. 
"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."
- Steve Jobs 

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