Updated: Jul 8, 2021

We can't tell you how thrilled we are to bring Davines into our salon and share it with you! This Italian based B-corp has so much to offer! Everything in this line is sulfate and paraben free and is free of so many harsh chemicals. Davines has something for everyone from curly hair to color treated hair, just needing volume or a simple clarifying without that stripped feeling. Being a B-corp and having a neutral carbon footprint is huge but they also grow their ingredients on their own farm. Each line is based in a different part of Italy and has its own designated farm. All Davines packaging is carbon neutral and is made from recycled materials and an added bonus?? Its so pretty to look at! From their Heart of Glass line for blondes to their Oi Line for processed/coarse hair and back to their essentials, this line not only has something for everyone, the performance is out of this world all while being sustainable and great for our earth!

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