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For anyone new to The Room....

A mission statement refresher.

When I first started planning for The Mane Room I utilized a planning board, needing help as I had never opened a business before. When they looked over my business plan they asked "but what is your demographic?" in which I replied "I don't have one." They asked as if I had forgotten to enter it rather than intentionally leaving it blank. "Well, you need to pick a demographic" Well, if I'm forced to fill in the blank, It's people. Some one who wants to come to chat over a haircut, someone who wants a big change, someone who is nervous to come to a new salon or someone who is finally comfortable enough to go to salon for the first time. Anybody and every body. Big projects, little maintenance visits, new unconventional ideas, and old traditional ones too. We want you to come to us comfortable enough to tell us you cut your own bangs while we'll never tell you how much your significant other's opinion should or shouldn't matter to you. Just simply people. We want to serve people and end the stigma that stylists can be intimidating or judemental. While we can't promise to fix an at home experiment that might have ended poorly, we are here to help you get past it and without judgement. It is your hair and you are our demographic. Welcome to The Mane Room.

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