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Introducing Makeup Services!

Our stylist, Sarah, explains how makeup made its way here to The Mane Room. While it may be a new service brought here, it has always been an "old love" of hers.


Makeup has always been such a powerful tool in my life, even from a young age. I remember watching and looking up to both my mother and sister when they would get ready in the morning. I admired how with every stroke of a makeup brush, a beautiful shade of color would complement their faces. The most exciting part for me was when my sister and I would play "How Do I Look" together - a nod to the now defunct Style Network's early aughts makeover program. I absolutely loved the way I felt after my makeover was revealed to me. This was when my love for the art of beauty really began.

Growing up in a household where pop culture was regularly consumed, I always felt the need to replicate the looks of some of my favorite pop stars. The time I spent when I was not in school was used to watch different online tutorials to further my skills and knowledge. Not only did my collection of makeup begin to grow, but my love for the art did as well. Soon, I was the person "making over" those I once watched from my household bathroom.

The power of makeup is an incredible thing. For instance, when I was younger, the smallest amount of makeup my mother or sister would put on my face made me feel like my appearance drastically changed. In reality, these were just small details added that enhanced the way I may have appeared. Now that I am older and have the power to create any look I can possibly think of, I view makeup the same way I view any portrait or artwork in existence. I can paint a new picture every day - my face is the canvas, and my makeup palettes are the paint. I personally feel most creative when I have the ability to experiment with different looks not only on myself, but on others as well. Often times, some might confuse makeup as way to shield flaws or insecurities. I, on the other hand, use makeup to not hide behind imperfections, but to instead accentuate both outer and inner beauty. There is no greater feeling than making someone feel their happiest and most confident. It is a gift that I have the opportunity to give others.

I am thrilled that makeup is now a service being provided here at The Mane Room. Whether you're looking to be glammed up for a special occasion, or just want to emphasize your beautiful new hairstyle, we are here to give you just that! Even if you are not the most experienced with makeup, we've got you covered! One on one makeup sessions are now offered to give you a personal and educational experience. We hope to see your beautiful faces soon!

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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