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but don't worry, you could throw a rock and reach us!

We're getting things together and ready to move across the street after the holidays. As a few of you have heard like a broken record, we planned on being moved before the holidays but everything is taking time and new obstacles bubble to the surface every other day. So, we're going to go out with a bang for our 3rd and final holiday season at 214 Wyoming Avenue in Downtown Scranton.

This holiday season we're taking these moments to be thankful for our beginning. I, myself, have cherished every person that has filled the chairs of The Mane Room these past 2 and a half years, every person that has had our backs and held us up on the way, every family member, friend and client that has contributed their skill and a hand to create a physical piece of The Mane Room, every client that followed us, supported us, made us, and every new face that shows up to help us grow! Some have been our day ones, some have gone from a new client to a beloved regular, and some could tell you the whole story from roots to end. I am so blown away that every single person that has stood beside us to cushion the transition and lend a shoulder or hand the first time, is willing to do it all over again. I thank you.

So here's to you and here's a toast to 214 Wyoming Avenue, the beginging of The Mane Room and the end of a chapter. Let's ring in these holidays together here for one last time and when these lights go out, grab your coats and we'll meet you there at 139 Wyoming Avenue!


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Wishing you the best Kristen. Hoping I get to see you before that. Love you and hope to see and talk soon. I'm so happy for your growth in what you love and do best.

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