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Pt. 2 We introduce to you....

Janine Jarman, founder of Curl Cult, has created and produced a new innovative perm shaped for modern trends. We can't speak highly enough about the convenience and versatility, nevermind the creativity we're about to unleash with her new product.

Not only does this perm use Pea Protein, which is the smallest protein, making it easier to penetrate the hair, its created with Pisum Protex technology leaving the hair healthy and hydrated. Conjured by Janine and created by some of Italy's finest chemists, this perm is created with some serious thought.

The Curl Cult perm is created to smell entirely different and eliminates that smell and although you now won't mind as much, this one doesn't linger around for weeks. Curl Cult is sulfate & paraben free, vegan, and cruelty free.

Back to the cliff hanger of our last post, for all the perm-ees who can still feel the water trickling down your back, you don't have to leave your stylists chair with this perm! Not until the final rinse anyway. Once the waving lotion is put on, the neutralizer goes right over top, never having to be rinsed until the end. On top of the comfort and convenience, not to mention the amount of water waste we'll be able to cut back on, this opens up the flood gates of creativity! Without having to rinse and disrupt your set, we are able to produce endless possibilities in terms of creative texture!

Stay tuned to see what our Curl Cult certified stylists will be achieving on a model for you! Curl Cult will be arriving in our salon this week along with some great products also created by Janine in the Curl Cult line! These products are moisturizing yet light weight and are water soluble. We got to try them out before Curl Cult's September 15th launch and we are in absolute love!


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