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Our resurfacing glaze!!

With the summer sun and all it's glory (chlorine, salt, heat and everything else) we often wonder how did this happen to my hair so quick? One night after a shower you think to yourself my hair is brittle and dull. (Tans not tho!😎) Conditioning treatments just won't cut it and oils just coat it. Now it still just looks brittle but with an oily shine. 😕 With all the joys of summer sometimes we don't realize how long it's been since we got a good gloss especially when the color itself still looks goooood. The sun, chlorine, salt, all these things strip the hair and leave it raw, even without being color treated. Our resurfacing glaze service not only polishes the hair with a clear, moisturizing coat full of great stuff for the hair, we've added a bond builder right into the bowl so we can top it off with a conditioning treatment that will not only actually do something, but it'll actually be the cherry on top or that last good polishing! Greatest part? It doesn't have to be clear! The clear's great for when you NEED this but don't want to change a thing about your color but you can also get this service and tone your hair at the same time! It's like a reset (or a revive if you will!) Come see us and get that soft & flowy, velvety bounce back!

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