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Product Special orders.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

At The Mane Room we take pride in the products we use.

We have decided to give it a go and try every product Wella has to offer because, well, we just love Wella!! To dip our toes we've also decided to leave our shelves bare until we know how you feel about it. All products will be on special order basis for now. That way we know exactly what to stock our shelves with. No use in starring at a buncha dusty product shelves!!

How it works

So in between trying it out and falling in love, you let us know and we'll supply you with whatever it is you need. We'll place the order and call you when your product is in!

Out of liners....

on the off chance that you don't love anything by Wella, you're not out of luck. We will do our best to get our hands on anything you need..After all, its what works for you!

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