Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Oh the things we could say about Wella! Where do we start?! Well we could start back in 1880 when the company was created by a german hairdresser specializing in wigs. Being such an innovative company from the begining, Wella designed the first breathable wigs. In 1924 they introduced wet perms, color, lightening and style services. In 1930 they developed the first moveable hair dryer with a built in motor. In 1972 they produced the first salon quality product that could be bought for home use. In 2014 Wella patented Me+ molecule. This is huge!! Me+ is a molecule in hair color to replace PPD or PTD, both which can cause mild to severve allergic reactions. Side lesson! Your body has a certain tolerance for PPD and PTD and the closer you you get to reaching that tolerance the more suseptable you are of having a reaction. With Wella using this ME+ technology, your chances of having a reaction are so slim!! Wella created the first color line to be approved by the European Center for Allergy research foundation! Here at the Mane Room, we are confident in our color line and absolutely love the verstility it carries! From Brights and vivids to refreshing your lifelong signature color, Wella provides such a wide range of beautiful colors and their product line is fabulous! Being another very clean line you can count on it to provide great results without all those crazy chemicals!

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